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Ritchies Supermarkets

“Wage costs are the single biggest cost in every business. As a business, we’ve been coming under wage budget in the last 4 consecutive financial years since we have started using WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling.”

Fred Harrison

CEO, Ritchies Supermarkets

Ritchies Supermarkets Enjoys Work Made Easier with the WorkForce Suite

Founded in 1870, Ritchies Supermarkets has grown to become the largest independently licensed supermarket group in Australia. With more than 80 stores, Ritchies serves its employees, customers, and communities with a friendly smile and a helping hand.

The Challenge

Ritchies’ manual, paper-based processes struggled to keep up with the needs of its growing operations and young workforce. Handwritten record keeping (such as timesheets) caused confusion, costly payroll errors, and limited communication between employees and management.

The Solution

From management to staff, Ritchie’s entire organisation agreed that the WorkForce Suite’s labour forecasting and scheduling capabilities were the right solutions for their growing needs. Replacing manual processes with simple and accessible technology, Ritchies now enjoys increased employee engagement and cost savings while staying ahead of potential workflow disruptions.

The Outcomes

Simplified Scheduling Processes
Rather than a manual clock-in process requiring a manager’s signature, employees can now sign-in with a thumbprint scan. Outside of stores, employees (the majority of whom are young people and students) can easily access their schedules and communicate their school and personal commitments to their managers through the WorkForce mobile app.

Engaged Management
Managers spend less time resolving errors (which are typical of paper-based systems) and more time on the floor with their staff. When potential scheduling issues arise, management can make informed decisions, communicate with employees, and stay ahead of disruptions—all from their mobile devices.

Reduced Wage Costs
Ritchies has experienced significant cost savings in their business’s greatest expense—wages. A data-driven solution means managers now have the time and accurate information to plan for the future and stay within or even below budget.

Skilled Employees
As Ritchies’ operations grow, management now has an innovative opportunity to get to know the staff and determine how to help them thrive. With access to historical data, leaders can gain insight into their employees’ core strengths, making it easier to employ the right people with the right skills at the right time.

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