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Financial Services

Diverse Employee Groups? We’ve Got You Covered.

Improve efficiencies across all employee groups and locations, from your branch and call center staff to your corporate workforce.

WorkForce Suite for Financial Services

Learn how the WorkForce Suite can help improve the customer experience and manage costs.

Customer Success Story

ATB Financial eliminated manual processes to improve operational efficiencies.

Improve Efficiencies Across All Employee Groups

Increase productivity and maintain accuracy and compliance, while giving your workforce the flexibility they want.

“Primarily our goals were to have a significantly improved user experience and also increase efficiency in terms of how we were able to complete our people administration.”

—Naomi Gould, Managing Director, People and Culture, ATB Financial

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ATB Financial

Keep Employees Engaged

Today’s employees want flexibility and empowerment. Give them both with the WorkForce Suite for Financial Services.

  • Publish fair and predictable schedules in advance to help employees plan personal commitments around work obligations—decreasing last-minute changes and minimising unplanned overtime
  • Empower employees to update availability, request time off, swap shifts, pick up additional shifts with employee self-service—on-the-go, from any device
  • Improve communication with digital assistants which prioritise tasks based on urgency and proactively notify employees when something urgent requires immediate action.
  • Manage flexible work arrangements that provide the coverage you need while giving employees the freedom they crave.
  • Provide complete visibility to work hours and pay calculations—including overtime and location-specific pay rates
WorkForce Hub and Assistant
Manager Dynamic Scheduling Task View Demand

Put an End to Missed Opportunity

Automatically create employee-friendly schedules—from stable to highly-variable work environments

  • Accurately forecast demand and generate compliant, employee-friendly schedules in sync with each location and department’s top priorities
  • Easily schedule multi-task shifts so you easily rotate responsibilities and keep employees engaged
  • Access multiple dynamic scheduling views with versatile filters to suit your business needs

Improve Productivity and Delight Your Customers

Increase sales, improve the customer experience, and boost productivity across all locations.

  • Minimise long lines and hold times with labour forecasting and optimised scheduling for all departments and locations accounting for employee availability and customer demand—even during peak hours
  • Eliminate labour-intensive and error-prone manual processes and workarounds through automation of even your most unique workforce management calculations and policies
  • Decrease distractions from non-urgent tasks so managers can focus on employee development, the customer experience, and strategic initiatives
Employee Time off Request

Simplify Compliance

Stop struggling to demonstrate compliance with myriad regulations.

  • Automate compliance with national and local labour laws—including the Working Time Directive in the European Union and Working Time Regulations in the United Kingdom
  • Manage leaves of absence including eligibility determination, workflow, and documentation
  • Automatically schedule breaks in compliance with applicable rules
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all changes made so you can easily supply proof of compliance when needed—even when employees work across multiple locations

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