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25 Years On – The Impact of the European Working Time Directive

Presented by: Dave Barker, Global Product Manager, WorkForce Software

It is 25 years since the European Union—then an elite club of just 12 countries—enacted the first version of the Working Time Directive (WTD). In those 25 years the world has changed: the European Union itself has more than doubled in size; global competition has intensified; and new models of works such as the so-called gig economy have appeared. Now is a good time to look back. To revisit the original objectives of this piece of social legislation and assess whether or not they have been met. To consider whether the regulations have helped or hindered the growth of business. To reflect on whether European citizens now have a ‘better’ working life. We will also make comparisons with other major economies such as the USA and Japan where attitudes to work and work-life balance have historically been very different.

This session will be of value to a broad HR audience whether working within the European Union and concerned about ensuring compliance with what are a complex set of regulations, or with global responsibility from outside Europe attempting to understand what might seem like a very different approach to the regulation of work.

Key Topics

  • A definition of the Working Time Directive including an explanation of the relationship with national legislation
  • A brief history, including a review of the original objectives
  • Variations across the European Union
  • The impact of the regulations – both in terms of meeting the original aims and on the day to day lives of HR professionals and employees
  • Comparisons with the USA and Japan
  • A look to the future

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