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Mastering the Future

of Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has experienced significant change in the last few years accelerated by rapidly evolving customer demands, technology advances, supply chain disruptions and on-going labour shortages.  

In response, manufacturers looking to successfully navigate the rapidly changing market dynamics are transitioning to ‘smart manufacturing’ by implementing cloud-based modern workforce management that not only leverages intelligent automation to optimise workforce management operations but also elevates the employee experience by equipping your modern workforce with the technology tools and practices to make it happen. 

Watch now as WorkForce Software and Effective People delve into the forefront of the manufacturing industry, uncovering key strategies that will empower your business to thrive in the face of unprecedented change, and showcase how workforce management of the future – in addition to best-in-class core capabilities for forecasting, scheduling, time and absence – delivers value to your manufacturing business by improving the employee experience of your deskless workforce.

Featured Speakers:
Scott Bamford

Scott Bamford

Global Product Marketing Director | WorkForce Software

Scott is the Director of Global Product Marketing at WorkForce Software. He’s a strategic product marketing veteran with over 15 years analyzing markets, crafting compelling narratives and targeted messaging, and successfully driving adoption, growth, and retention. He’s spent the last nine years focused on B2B SaaS and the last four years specifically working in the workforce management industry.

Hallgeir Moen

Hallgeir Moen

Solution Consultant | WorkForce Software

Hallgeir holds a Bachelor in Accounting and Human Resources from USN (Norway), and has more than 25 years of experience as an implementation and solution consultant in HR and Workforce Management systems.

Massilia Saraoui

Massilia Saraoui

Head of Workforce Management Services | Effective People

Massilia Saraoui is the head of workforce management at Effective People and a Senior SAP SuccessFactors Consultant with six years of WorkForce Software experience. In her career, she has lead end-to-end implementations and supported clients from various verticals and geographies. Massilia collaborates with organisations from all industries, assisting them in executing successful workforce management strategies and achieving their ROI goals. Her expert guidance encompasses process design, compliance, regulation implementation, solution optimisation, maintenance planning and data management.

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