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Data Capture

Speed, Convenience and Reliability at Your Fingertips

Built for demanding work environments, blend organisational security with end-user convenience for rapid adoption and greater coverage.

Speed and Reliability at Your Fingertips

Make your information work for you to increase productivity and efficiency.

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Customer Success Story

Denver Public Schools eliminated 10,000 manual timesheets for faster payroll processing.
WorkForce 7100 Time Clock and Mobile WebClock

Diverse Options for Any Type of Work Environment

Choose the combination of employee time tracking tools that best suits each environment and unique worker group. 

  • Rugged weatherised terminal options for more extreme work environments
  • High performance web-enabled options for PCs, tablets and phones
  • Secure coverage of offline areas with low or no connectivity for reliability during interruptions

Reduce Labour Costs

Cost-effective solutions secure your organisation against time theft while eliminating costly error-prone manual processes.

  • Prevent costs due to inaccurate manual time entries, inflated time reporting and intentional misuse with automated time capture and option to authenticate workers with biometric readers
  • Flag and/or prevent when employees report to work outside of scheduled hours
  • Enforce breaks and avoid grievances and employment tribunal claims

More Than Just Time Capture

Improve productivity with convenient self-service access and greater visibility of organisational performance.

  • Log breaks, enter time against projects, switch between multiple jobs and more
  • Self-service capabilities for employees to view schedules, time off balances and punch logs
  • Efficiently collect time, activity and productivity information via group data capture

Better Together…Data Capture with Automated Time and Attendance

  • Validate employee time data and accurately enforce attendance or lateness policies
  • Be alerted to no-shows, late or missed punches, impending overtime violations and other potential compliance issues with proactive notifications
  • Real-time labour insights for strategic business decisions
Manager Timesheet Labor Distribution

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Experience for yourself how the WorkForce Suite makes work easy for both you and your employees. Intuitive solutions accessible to your entire workforce—no matter when or where work happens.

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