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Analytics and Insights

Empower Faster, More Accurate Decisions

Get an unmatched degree of visibility into your labour activities by individual, job function, department, location, division, and much more across the entire enterprise—delivered at the time you need it with form and function in mind.

Enable the Future of Work

See how modern workforce management helps optimise performance and makes your employees feel valued.

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Transform raw labour data into actionable information that empowers strategic decision making.

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ATB Financial benefited from more accurate reporting. Learn about other benefits they achieved.

Actionable Insights When and Where You Need It

Don’t be left in the dark. Stay on track with valuable and actionable insights at the time and place work happens with:

  • At-a-glance key performance indicators take the guess work out of understanding how your workforce is performing against measurable labour metrics
  • Proactive notifications alert your key stakeholders to time-sensitive issues such as unplanned overtime, last minute-scheduling needs, or serious policy violations so they can be addressed immediately
  • AI-powered assistants that clear the noise and prioritise urgent tasks in a single queue

Improve Organisational Performance

Monitor, compare, and assess data generated across your employee population, locations, and divisions to discover best practices and accelerate adoption. The WorkForce Suite can help you identify:

  • Mentorship opportunities when one worker is more efficient than another worker on the same task
  • Cross-training opportunities with departments, locations, or divisions that are outperforming others against your key performance indicators
  • Excessive overtime costs in an area of your business where a change in schedule practices or an increase in headcount could prove beneficial
  • Strategies to keep labour budgets on target

You’re Unique. Your Reports Should Be, Too.

Your uniqueness is what differentiates you in the market. To maintain your competitive edge, you need reporting that helps you continually measure performance. The WorkForce Suite provides diverse and flexible options to make your data work hard for you including:

  • A comprehensive library of standard reports that can be adapted to meet your needs
  • Industry standard tools to allow you to build reports that are unique to your business
  • Interactive analytics that allow you to dynamically change hierarchies, granularity, and filters; incorporate graphs; and include data from 3rd party solutions that complement your workforce management data

Making Your Labour Data Work Harder For You

Multiply the value of your labour data by streamlining data feeds to your data warehouse and by utilising business intelligence tools to provide even greater insights that empower your executive and operational teams to make smarter and faster business decisions.

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