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Essential deskless workers are increasingly suffering from burnout and exhaustion. From retail to healthcare to transportation, workers across multiple industries suffer ill health and reduced performance due to fatigue – especially in sectors where shift work and long hours are commonplace.  

WorkForce Software’s Scott Bamford, Workforce Management Solutions Director, speaks with DiversityQ about what can be done to create the best employee experience and support their essential deskless teams to find balance. 

“Fatigue management systems monitor hours worked, tasks performed, breaks taken, and time off. These systems can flag employees at risk of fatigue and allow managers to offer wellbeing programmes and benefits to ensure no worker slips through the net,” Bamford says.  

The idea that fatigue and burnout demonstrate “extra mile” commitment can be false and dangerous. Working through exhaustion can lead to unintended consequences and increased risk for all parties involved. 

Bamford adds, “Mitigating the risks of fatigue and burnout is essential for employee wellbeing and long-term company success.”

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