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WorkForce Software VISION 2022: Helping Employees Do More with More

May 12, 2022

Survey Results: How Businesses Are Addressing Negative Employee Experience

Guest blogger and professional development firm Brandon Hall Group recently attended VISION 2022, our modern workforce management event for customers and partners, and share their observations.

Although WorkForce Software’s VISION 2022 conference featured many updates to services and technology solutions, the running thread focused on employee experience. Whether employee feedback or a simple check-in on a virtual timeclock, workforce management provides more avenues for employer to employee communication than any other aspect of HR.

“WorkForce Software has listened to its customers over the last few years, taking in their stories of what worked and what did not. Everything in the WorkForce Suite reflects a system that fully supports deskless/shift, remote, and hybrid work. But it is more than that: it is ready for the new modern workforce.”

Issues such as employees performing self-service time recording or shift swapping, managing work/life balance, dealing with unmanageable stress, and communicating with managers are critical when addressing the needs of the new workforce. Brandon Hall Group’s recent research supports this idea. In our recent study, Creating an Employee-Centric Culture, only 3% of organizations strongly agreed with the statement, “Employees feel their work stress is manageable.” Additionally, only 7% strongly agreed with the statement, “Managers display all the qualities employees would expect in a great leader.”

Comparing these findings with the WorkForce Software solutions already on the market, it is clear that these are not just abstract statistics. WorkForce Software addresses real day-to-day issues by transforming traditional transactional communication (e.g., clocking in, payroll, etc.) into personalized communication equipped to determine employee well-being, offer them the tools to adjust their work, and provide feedback loops.

All of Workforce Software’s additions to existing products have three things in common:

  • Integrated into the flow of work
  • Operationally focused
  • Powered by feedback loops

Finally, a significant feature of all of Workforce Software’s products is the use of systems to improve consistency in culture – this is vital for deskless shift, hybrid, and remote workplaces challenged to keep their unique culture alive during and after the pandemic.

By providing customized and personalized opportunities for constant communication with employees, Workforce Software is distinctive in being able to drive a cultural experience that so very few systems truly can.

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