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Public Sector

Need to Control Costs? You’ve Got This.

Drive fiscal responsibility, simplify compliance, and improve workforce engagement with a solution your employees will love.

WorkForce Suite for Public Sector

Learn how the WorkForce Suite can help you manage costs and improve efficiencies.

See the WorkForce Suite in Action

Request a demo and see for yourself just how easy it is to use the WorkForce Suite.

Build a Business Case for Your Organization

Learn how much your organization can expect to save with a new workforce management solution.

The City of Roseville consolidated and automated separate manual time and attendance processes into a single solution, streamlined the management of intermittent leaves, and recovered $2.8 million in unbilled fees with the WorkForce Suite.

City of Roseville

Drive Fiscal Responsibility Across All Departments

Manage costs and demonstrate fiscal responsibility across all departments and locations.

  • Simplify labor and budget tracking across all departments, locations, cost centers, projects, work orders and more
  • Trigger proactive notifications as employees approach overtime thresholds so you can reallocate resources
  • Eliminate payroll leakage with accurate time capture, identify attendance trends, and minimize unplanned overtime
Employee Assistant Overtime Approaching Alert
Manager Timesheet with Results

Comply With Every Rule

Compliance is never static. Now you can be ready for any change that comes your way.

  • Automated pre-built best practices for labor laws and common business and union rules, including overtime equalization
  • Account for you organization’s unique requirements, including union agreements and internal policies
  • Easily prove compliance with a complete audit trail of all changes made—whether applied in historical, current, or future periods

Improve Efficiencies

Eliminate missed opportunities and drive greater efficiencies across the organization.

  • Manage employees with more than one job, even when they have different pay rates, accrual rates, and managers
  • Simplify time-off requests, accrual tracking, leave case management, reasonable accommodations tracking, and approval workflows
  • Get rid of time-consuming manual processes and workarounds for your unique rules, workflows, and processes

Keep Your Employees Engaged

Offer your employees a breakthrough user experience, available on any device.

  • Improve communications around schedule changes, time-off requests, pay calculations, and more
  • Simplify overtime equalization and enable automatic callouts and proactive notifications to prioritize urgent tasks and keep your operations running smoothly
  • Publish fair and predictable schedules and allow employees to swap shifts, pick up additional shifts, update availability, and access timesheets on the go

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