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Time and Attendance

Unique and Complex? We Love That!

Your organization isn’t like any other organization out there, so don’t let your workforce management provider try to stick you in a box. WorkForce’s flexible platform allows you to adapt to rapidly changing needs with ease so you can focus on what matters most: your business and your people.

WorkForce Time and Attendance

Enable the Future of Work

Saving costs and increasing efficiency in time and attendance is easy, with the right tools.

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Learn how the WorkForce Suite can transform your time and attendance processes.

Customer Success Story

ATB Financial eliminated manual processes to improve operational efficiencies.

Simplify Compliance

Ever-changing labor regulations, union agreements, and company policies won’t keep you up at night.

  • Built-in best practices for your common pay rules and regulations
  • Class-leading, rules-based engine to automate your most unique requirements
  • No need to wait for the latest product release when new rules are introduced
  • Effective dates ensure that your rules are applied at the right time, every time
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Manager Timesheet with Results

Reduce Labor Costs

Achieve bottom-line savings with automation and real-time insights.

  • Minimize your organization’s payroll leakage with digital enforcement of policies while easily identifying emerging labor trends within your workforce
  • Reduce your unplanned overtime costs with real-time notifications that alert when your employees are working outside of their scheduled hours
  • Support strategic decision making within your organization by classifying your employees’ time against any cost center or activity for granular labor reporting

Improve Operational Efficiency

Eliminate error-prone and time-consuming manual processes, workarounds, and workflows.

  • Apply your gross pay calculations and attendance policies in real-time as employee time is captured
  • Prominently display your urgent messages and tasks to easily address with the click of a button
  • Integrate seamlessly with your HR and payroll systems for a complete end-to-end process
Manager Timesheet with Results

Delight Your Employees

Improve communication and transparency with convenient self-service tools.

  • Implement meaningful policies that promote the quality of life across your employees’ personal and professional lives
  • With direct access to personal timesheets, your employees can easily view and confirm their pay calculations before payroll is processed
  • A modern user experience allows for accessibility anywhere, from any device

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Experience for yourself why the WorkForce Suite should be your number one choice for creating efficient time and attendance processes that delight your employees.

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