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Game-Changing Workforce Management for Healthcare Providers

Avoid healthcare worker burnout and turnover, reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and simplify compliance with the WorkForce Suite for Healthcare.

The WorkForce Suite for Healthcare

Learn how the WorkForce Suite can help you manage costs and improve efficiencies.

See the WorkForce Suite in Action

Request a demo and see for yourself how the WorkForce Suite makes work easy.

The Healthcare Deskless Worker

See who these essential workers are, what they care about, and how to enable them.

“By implementing the WorkForce Suite, we have been able to cut down the time spent on case management of our leaves by 50 percent.”

— Mary Walker, HR Generalist, Tenet Healthcare
City of Roseville
Manager Timesheet with Results

Control Labor Costs and Stay on Track with Budgets

Put an end to costly payroll leakage and empower managers with strategic decision-making tools.

  • Reduce reliance on agency labor, overtime, and call-ins with demand-driven scheduling and predictive and proactive notifications when employees are approaching overtime
  • Measure demand for services against staffing patterns to continually improve productivity and schedule optimization with labor forecasting, granular labor cost allocations, and more
  • Reduce turnover with fair and predictive schedules, self-service options to help employees balance personal and work obligations, and reduce burnout with fatigue management strategies
  • Minimize payroll leakage with accurate time capture and automation of even your most unique pay rules

Taking Care of Those That Take Care of Us

With healthcare worker shortages abound, it is more important than ever that we safeguard their health and wellbeing and focus on strategies to elevate employee engagement. The WorkForce Suite:

  • Prevents fatigue risks by enforcing work hour limits and minimum rest periods as part of the scheduling process
  • Issues predictive and proactive alerts as well as employee pulse surveys when employees are at risk of fatigue or burnout due to excessive work hours or insufficient rest
  • Builds a workforce of highly competent and skilled workers by scheduling top care providers with those less experienced to promote knowledge transfer
  • Provides employees with more control over their schedules with self-reporting unavailability and rules-based shift swaps

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Don’t lose sleep over missed opportunities to drive greater efficiencies across the organization.

  • Eliminate error-prone and labor-intensive manual processes and workarounds with accurate time and labor capture, pay rule automation, and highly configurable workflows
  • Simplify time-off requests and approval workflows, accrual tracking—current and future, leave case management, and reasonable accommodations tracking
  • Quickly and easily fill open shifts with automatic callouts while complying with union or organizational rules
Manager Timesheet with Results

Simplify Compliance and Prove It

Compliance is never static. Now you can be ready for any change that comes your way.

  • Pre-built best practices automate compliance with labor laws and common business and union rules
  • Account for your organization’s unique requirements, including union agreements and internal policies with a future-ready, formula-driven rules engine
  • Simplify and automate amendments and retroactive calculations that can automatically calculate and pay the delta off cycle or with the next payroll
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all changes made so you can easily supply proof of compliance when needed—even when employees work across multiple locations

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