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Redefining the Future of Work

Mike Morini | CEO, WorkForce Software

Welcome to the Modern Workforce Leaders Series. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with you, introducing inspiring visionaries who are transforming their organizations to be more resilient and positively impacting the next generation of employees. Throughout this series, we’ll meet leaders from diverse backgrounds, organizations and experiences who share a common belief in valuing and prioritizing your employees to inspire the best from your workforce.   

This series will share ideas, experiences, lessons and advice from leaders who are working to change their organizations and to inspire other modern workforce leaders around the world in guiding their workforces to continue evolving into the digital era.   

Modern Workforce Leaders Series

Hear from workforce management leaders as they share their journey to drive innovation and product change

Enable the Future of Work

See how modern workforce management helps you optimize performance and makes your employees feel valued

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