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8 Steps for a Seamless Time and Attendance Software Implementation

Apr 13, 2023

Key Takeaways from the UK 2022 Autumn Statement

A successful time and attendance software implementation is crucial for organizations that need to manage employee time and attendance accurately and efficiently. A well-executed plan can provide significant benefits: 

  • Improved Accuracy – Reduce errors incurred with manual time and attendance tracking for more accurate payroll processing 
  • Increased Efficiency – Automate time and attendance processes to reduce administrative efforts 
  • Enhanced Compliance – Stay compliant with labor regulations and reporting requirements 
  • Optimized Labor Management – Track and manage labor costs more effectively, leading to optimized staffing levels and reduced overtime 
  • Improved Employee Experience – Enable more transparent and accessible time and attendance tracking processes, including employee self-service options 

We’ve worked with three leading system integrators, Accenture, Deloitte, and EPI-USE, to develop an implementation checklist to serve as a quick reference guide for organizations adopting SAP Time & Attendance by WorkForce Software. 

8 Steps for Implementing SAP Time & Attendance by WorkForce Software

The checklist breaks down the implementation process into eight phases, from project planning and governance to testing, roll-out, and post go-live: 

Project Planning and GovernancePhase Zero sets the tone for the entire implementation journey. Invest the time and energy upfront to create your implementation roadmap that leads to shared goals and desired outcomes. 

Staffing and Key RolesOnce implemented, SAP Time & Attendance by WorkForce Software will impact many parts of the organization. Your project team should reflect that. Creating a diverse team, representing different experiences, day-to-day processes, and desired project outcomes can ensure your implementation process accurately reflects your organization’s unique needs.  

Requirement GatheringEffective requirements gathering leads to a smoother implementation process and higher user adoption. By engaging with experts across operations, HR, and IT, considering the needs of everyday users, defining success criteria, and using data, you can ensure that the solution fits your organization’s needs and goals.  

Best Practices – Best practices are the building blocks to achieving an implementation that maximizes efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and profitability. Uniting your project team with one core global approach ensures each member remains engaged and proactive throughout the implementation process while acting as a strong project advocate.  

Stakeholder StrategiesPoor communication is a primary factor in why implementations fail. Effective communication and collaboration don’t just happen. Supporting an engaged and knowledgeable project team requires strategy, consistency, and creativity.  

Change and Risk ManagementNo implementation journey is perfect. When changes arise, it’s important to have systems in place that will ensure they are documented and addressed in a timely manner. Creating a detailed action plan is the best defense against potential roadblocks throughout and after implementation.  

TestingA thorough and rigorous testing process is critical to your implementation’s success. The more testing you do, the more likely you will achieve a high ROI. Testing should reflect real-world scenarios to ensure SAP Time & Attendance by WorkForce Software is compatible with your existing systems.  

Rollout and After Go-LiveRemember, SAP Time & Attendance by WorkForce Software is an evolving solution that requires maintenance and regular updates. Training your admin team, establishing internal support processes, and building a team to provide user support ensures that the solution brings the most value to your organization—now and in the future.  

WorkForce Software Is SAP’s Global Workforce Management Solution Provider

WorkForce Software has been SAP’s global Solution Extension partner since 2015. Together, we have worked with more than 280 customers who are leveraging WorkForce Software with SAP HR and payroll solutions to manage and optimize the performance of their global employee teams.   

SAP Time and Attendance Management by WorkForce Software allows you to decrease payroll errors and overtime costs, reduce administrative effort, comply with local laws, and improve employee engagement. 

Use the SAP Time & Attendance by WorkForce Software Implementation Checklist to promote efficiency, engagement, and productivity during implementation and maximize your ROI.   

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