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Scheduling the Masses

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Blog, Thought

Scheduling Software for the Masses Without Buying More Than You Need

Without Buying More Software Than You Need

We’re thrilled to welcome our colleagues from Workplace into the WorkForce Software family. But what exactly does this exciting news mean for our existing customers and organizations currently considering the purchase of a new workforce management solution? It means more options.

Whether you need basic scheduling software, attendance management, employee self-service, shift swapping, fast callouts for filling open shifts, vacation and long-term shift bidding, or more nuanced demand-based scheduling and intelligent forecasting, we’re here to help. Equally important, we’re committed to matching our scheduling capabilities to your specific needs. For example:

Basic scheduling and attendance management

Say you’re in professional services and the majority of your employees are salaried or pretty much have the same schedule, day in and day out. There’s not enough variability for you need a robust scheduling solution. And yet, your employees would still benefit from being able to easily check their vacation balances and submit time-off requests through the system. In this situation, you may need only the basic scheduling functionality included in EmpCenter Time and Attendance, which allows you to easily assign employees specific days and hours to work. Ideal for environments where schedules are easily definable and subject to minimal change, the solution’s features allow managers and others in charge of scheduling to quickly create schedules for fixed groups of employees.

Advanced scheduling

Now imagine that you want take a more proactive approach to scheduling. Say you run a manufacturing plant and you’re looking to meet specific cost parameters or ensure that you only schedule workers who meet certain skill or certification requirements. EmpCenter’s Advanced Scheduler solution can help you balance staff skills, productivity goals, and labor costs across the organization. And the optional One-Touch Callout extension accelerates the process of filling open shifts by instantly contacting qualified, eligible workers through their preferred mode of communication (phone, text, or email). This means you can fully accommodate union requirements while also controlling overtime costs more easily.

Demand-based scheduling and forecasting

Organizations with variable demand and a high concentration of customer-facing hourly paid workers often require even more robust scheduling capabilities. Say you run a retail business, and foot traffic fluctuates depending on the day, the hour, and even the weather. Workplace incorporates data from your traffic analytics and point-of-sale systems to create optimized schedules to meet variable customer demand. From scheduling employees across multiple stores to allowing employees to have a say in when they are scheduled, the Workplace solution fits right in with our goal of ‘Making Work Easy’ for our customers.

No matter what industry you’re in, how large your footprint, or what your current and future scheduling needs are, we’re here to help you meet your business goals while elevating employee satisfaction and customer service. To learn more, schedule a personalized demonstration.

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