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VISION 2024: Igniting the Value of Your Workforce

May 9, 2024

Next-Gen Workforce Management and Frontline Worker Employee Experience Technology Are High Priorities: 2022 Gartner<sup>®️</sup> Hype Cycle<sup>™️</sup>

This year, VISION 2024 was held over four days in beautiful and sunny Hollywood, Florida. The first two days were a welcomed new addition to our modern workforce management event, focusing on exclusive training opportunities. These hands-on courses were designed for direct and practical applications with our solutions and were led by industry experts from WorkForce Software, covering fundamental and advanced topics. 

The conference wasn’t just about our technology – it also focused on the human side of workforce management solutions. Attendees took part in sessions designed to improve employee experience, engagement, and the overall value derived from workforce management investments. There was even a dedicated track for Latin American customers that provided tailored content and insights relevant to their specific needs. 

VISION 2024 aimed to not only be informative, but also inspiring. Breakout sessions tackled a wide range of current business challenges, with discussions on improving productivity, compliance, employee experience, and labor optimization. 

“This conference should be a shining example of why you chose WorkForce Software as your solution provider or partner. In these few days, I hope you see that we are investing in your success, in areas that are critical to not only the solution itself, but the areas that help to deploy, support, and secure the solution.”

Jeff Moses Chief Executive Officer, WorkForce Software

The heart of VISION is our community of engaging and diverse speakers and VISION 2024 was no different. This year featured presentations from a diverse group of thought leaders, from seasoned practitioners to innovative pioneers, all sharing important insights and motivation to help attendees achieve their own success. 

Our Keynote speaker, Heather McGowan, Future of Work Strategist emphasized collaboration in shaping the future of work, highlighting that the most valuable skills will be human-centric. Trust is paramount for engagement and performance, which is built on authenticity, logic, and empathy. As work becomes more central to our lives, effective leaders cultivate a positive culture, make clear decisions, and invest in employee development.  

Our Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Sandra Moran and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Life Engineering, Rusty Lindquist—who also led our Strike Sessions for leaders to learn how to drive change from the inside out—reinforced the need to elevate employee experience as they reviewed findings from our Third Annual Global Employee Experience Study. They discussed the direct correlation between employee experience and customer satisfaction and provided a checklist for operational leaders to help with areas such as: 

  • Scheduling  
  • Communications 
  • Job Training 
  • Employee Feedback 
  • Employee Recognition  

Here are a few highlights from the customer stories shared at VISION 2024:  

  • Autoliv spent time talking through their mobile and hybrid approach to perfecting time off requests for their thousands of employees. 
  • Castle and Cooke described how they tackled time attestations using the WorkForce Time and Attendance to ensure timesheet accuracy for things like required meal and rest breaks and how they overcame obstacles like varying hardware, language, California regulations, and differing time clock setups.  
  • Jefferson University Hospital discussed its organization, which includes 18 hospitals and two universities in three states with 17 different paid time off programs. With 43,000 active users including six different unions, Jefferson needed a solution that could handle a complex organization and allowed for multi-assignment timesheets as some medical staff also served as professors. 
  • Novartis spoke on the Time and Attendance challenges his complex organization faced when working across ~85k employees in more than 90 countries of manufacturing and production sites and how they overcame them with WorkForce Software and a solid transformation engagement strategy. 
  • Paramount, one of the world’s leading producers of entertainment content in the world, told the story of their global workforce implementation from procurement through implementation. 
  • WestRock, in a follow-up from their VISION 2023 session, updated attendees on their implementation journey to achieving milestones, results, and sustainability.  

“Transitioning to a proactive mindset is absolutely critical.”

Jonathan Neff | Sr. Program Manager, WestRock

Our Sponsor Showcase featured our WorkForce Software partners and their value-added products and services. Thank you to our VISION 2024 Sponsors! 

Diamond Sponsor, Accenture talked about Sun Chemical’s global workforce unification through their WorkForce Software implementation with lessons learned including, understanding that a workforce transformation is a journey, not a project, and the importance of engaging leaders across functions and educating stakeholders.  

“Create a change network. Find resources who will advocate for change across all departments and all levels to drive user adoption.”

Mindy Morley | Change Management & Training Lead, Accenture

Platinum Sponsor, GroupeX Solutions talked about WorkForce Software’s value as best-of-breed in modern workforce management. They dove into the creative uses of the flexible configuration and WorkForce Software formula language to address business needs beyond the basics of time, attendance, scheduling, and leave.  

Platinum Sponsor, EPI-USE shared how to manage growing employee populations and data complexity. EPI-USE has developed custom tools and enhancements for the robust WorkForce Software Suite that employs organizations to revolutionize their data processing and operational reporting. 

Cloud Platform Sponsor, Oracle presented a technical journey toward AI (Artificial Intelligence) and advanced analytics, providing attendees with use cases where AI can significantly make an impact to elevate the employee experience, improve accuracy of universal compliance, workload planning, forecasting, self-service, and talent management.  

Our other VISION 2024: Ignite sponsors included:  



  • IN-RGY 
  • HRchitect 
  • Rizing 
  • HR Strategies 
  • The Hackett Group 


  • Deloitte 
  • Intelligenza  
  • New Entity HCM 
  • Dexian 
  • NGI 
  • TSP 
  • Grupo PHR 


  • Effective People 
  • GT Clocks 


VISION 2024: Ignite made clear that while technology is revolutionizing work, the human touch is still needed in our high-tech future—meaning employers must continue to elevate employee experience.  

Keep the Vision 2024: Ignite page bookmarked to see details on Vision 2025 and curated highlights from Vision 2024 that are coming soon!  

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