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Workforce Management Excellence: A Review of the WorkForce Suite

Mar 26, 2024

Deskless Worker

Companies across industries are constantly seeking solutions to manage their workforce more effectively, adhere to complex compliance requirements, and improve productivity.  

Each year, SoftwareReviews (powered by Info-Tech) issues their Buyer Experience Report to highlight factors that every prospective buyer should consider during their workforce management software selection process. Their goal is to assist enterprises looking to invest in these solutions by going much deeper than features and price to provide a detailed understanding of the relationship, negotiations, and value drivers of the software provider’s solution. 

Let’s delve into the insights gathered from this report, where real users share what they really think about using WorkForce Software solutions.   

Understanding Workforce Management — Enterprise 

Workforce management software plays an important role in helping global organizations with large deskless worker teams forecast labor requirements, manage staff scheduling, and track time and attendance, all with an eye on supporting compliance with regulations and union rules.  

Customer Satisfaction — A Testament to Excellence 

Real user feedback is the bedrock of any evaluation. According to the report, 84% of customers express their love for using WorkForce Suite, highlighting its role in their success. Furthermore, 85% are likely to recommend the product, with 97% planning to renew their licenses. This vote of confidence underscores the software’s value proposition, indicating that for many users, the benefits far outweigh the costs. 

“With WorkForce Software, it has been perfection redefined and it has helped us almost double productivity. For this, I recommend it.” 

Claire N, End User of Application, Finance

Feature Satisfaction — Driving Customer Delight 

Features serve as the gateway to customer satisfaction. Users expect software to be feature-rich, intuitive, and reliable. WorkForce Suite receives commendable ratings across different feature categories, with 77% satisfaction level for breadth of features and 76% for the quality of features.  

“WorkForce Suite supports every pay rule, every compliance requirement, and every unique agreement across your entire employee population.” 

Sanjeet K, IT Leader or Manager, Information Technology 

Successful Implementation — A Prerequisite for Value Realization 

Selecting the right software is only the first step; successful implementation is essential for realizing its full potential. The WorkForce Suite garners high satisfaction scores in implementation-related aspects, with 78% for ease of implementation, 75% for ease of data integration, and 74% for ease of customization. These factors contribute significantly to user satisfaction and adoption rates. 

“The implementation phase is fully supported by a great team of people and it doesn’t stop there. There is continuous support from account management level through to 24-hour support. As the norm in the workplace moves to cloud-based platforms, WorkForce provides solutions that are accessible by all skill levels which really is just an added bonus!” 

Rachel S, Business Leader or Manager, Operations

Usability and Support — Ensuring Return on Investment 

User-friendly interfaces and robust support mechanisms are critical for driving ROI and user adoption. The WorkForce Suite excels in this regard, with high satisfaction ratings across usability and support parameters. An impressive 80% satisfaction level is reported for ease of use, highlighting the software’s intuitive design and accessibility. 

“My favorite aspect is probably the fact that WorkForce Software is easy to use. I also like the ease of customization thanks to a great UI. The tool makes it easy to manage the team and ensure productivity.” 

Claire N, End User of Application, Finance

What Users Love Best: Voices from the Field 

User testimonials offer invaluable insights into the real-world impact of the WorkForce Suite. Users praise its flexibility, ease of use, configurability, stability, and integrated features. These firsthand accounts underscore the software’s ability to streamline workforce management processes and drive productivity gains across diverse organizational functions. 

“It enables you to monitor workers’ time on every project… from anywhere in the world. Every task is customizable to suit project requirements. It provides powerful insights to determine how many hours are required to do a project. It offers a dashboard with online time sheets.” 

Donna A, Business Leader or Management, Information Technology

Why Users Recommend WorkForce Suite — Endorsements of Excellence 

User recommendations highlight WorkForce Suite’s reliability, trustworthiness, and ability to deliver tangible business benefits. From enabling productivity gains to providing exceptional support and training, the software emerges as a trusted partner in driving organizational success.  

“What are you waiting for? If you are in a need of a solution to resolve workforce management issues, you need to look into how this product will benefit your business and your workforce.” 

Rachel S, Business Leader or Manager, Operations 

Elevating Workforce Management to New Heights 

Many organizations have made strategic investments digital transformation to operate with better agility and meet the evolving demands of their workforce. The WorkForce Suite stands out as a beacon of excellence in workforce management. Its robust features, user-friendly interface, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction position it as a preferred choice for global enterprise organizations seeking to optimize their workforce operations. 

WorkForce Software is the first global provider of workforce management solutions with integrated employee experience capabilities. The company’s WorkForce Suite adapts to each organization’s needs—no matter how unique their pay rules, labor regulations, and schedules—while delivering a breakthrough employee experience at the time and place work happens. Enterprise-grade and future-ready, WorkForce Software is helping some of the world’s most innovative organizations optimize their workforce, protect against compliance risks, and increase employee engagement to unlock new potential for resiliency and performance.  

See all the findings in Info-Tech’s Buyer Experience Report filled with real user ratings and commentary on why the WorkForce Suite is rated the most trusted workforce management solution for large enterprises. 

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