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ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.

“With Workforce Software, we have better visibility over our large vacation banks, HR and payroll teams spend less time on admin, and employees have quicker turnaround and higher satisfaction with mobile time entry.”

Ed Pypker

HR Director, Automation Tooling Systems

ATS Automation Adopts WorkForce Software to Better Unify Growing Operations and Improve Productivity

Founded in 1978, ATS Automation’s culture of innovation and dedication to quality has led it to become an industry-leading automation solutions provider. With headquarters in Ontario, Canada, ATS employs over 6,000 people in facilities and offices across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and China.

The Challenge

ATS Automation’s growing operations through multiple acquisitions relied on patchworked and outdated systems, causing little consistency in time and attendance processes across multiple locations. The disparate systems required excessive administrative work for HR and management, resulting in costly inaccuracies and little visibility.

The Solution

ATS Automation selected the WorkForce Suite’s time and attendance capabilities as the best solution for the company’s project-based global operations. Experiencing cost and time savings due to greater control, visibility, and accuracy of HR and payroll systems in North America, ATS plans to extend the WorkForce Suite to its operations in Europe and Asia.

The Outcomes

Increased Productivity
According to Nucleus Research analysis, ATS has experienced at least a 5% increase in HR staff productivity. Previously managing disparate payroll systems across multiple locations, HR has significantly cut back on administrative headaches using unified and updated software.

Informed Project Management
With easy-to-use kiosks and a mobile app, employees can accurately track their hours in the facilities and on the road. Access to precise and up-to-date data makes managing and billing for multiple projects easy for project managers, with greater visibility and transparency.

Unified Operations
With the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing HR systems, the WorkForce Suite unified ATS’s disconnected operations. Using uniform workforce processes, ATS can identify and cut down on expensive payroll errors such as overpayments and inaccurately reported PTO.

New Opportunities
The WorkForce Suite’s accurate and reliable record keeping enabled ATS to offer their employees bankable overtime hours. Employees can now exchange hours worked overtime for vacation days.

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