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The Power of Valuing Employees & Nurturing A Positive Workplace Culture

Erica Niesse | Executive Vice President for Implementation Services, HRchitect

Erica Niesse is part of the exciting journey at HRchitect, where she has partnered with thousands of customers globally for over 20 years to help facilitate their workforce transformation in the digital era. Through her role as the Executive Vice President for Implementation Services, Erica exemplifies the values of a true modern workforce leader. 

Employees want to feel a sense of community in a virtual world. And the key to that is making sure that employees feel that sense of community. If you allow for a flexible work life balance, your employees are going to tell others about the organization. They’re also going to be motivated and collaborative. 

Erica Niesse, Executive Vice President for Implementation Services, HRchitect  

The implementation of technology at HRchitect for global customers serves as an example of Erica’s strong belief in keeping employees at the core of business decisions to create a sense of belonging, no matter where they are in the world.  

The simple acts of kindness through employee recognition, the creation of team bonding experiences, or encouragement of better work-life balance have all proven to be effective means of promoting inclusion, ensuring employees feel valued and heard. Hear Erica’s story as a Modern Workforce Leader the importance of prioritizing your employees and investing in a positive workplace culture.

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