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Being a leader means more than telling people what to do or critiquing them — and yet for many employees who have a bad manager, that’s exactly what leadership can seem like. So, what actually makes someone a good boss? According to business management consultant Perceptyx, employees are 2.5 times more likely to be fully engaged in their workplace if they are led by what they described as their “best managers.”   

Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at WorkForce Software, speaks with Benefit News about the importance of investing in your people. She discusses her approach to leadership and the ways in which she expresses gratitude to her team to keep her team engaged and contributing to the success of the team and the business.   

“For me, it is 100% about accomplishing a shared goal, and really taking some time to celebrate the success of the team,” says Moran. “Really invest time in building relationships. Building those relationships is the only way you’ll be able to contribute to your company at the maximum level.”  

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