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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at WorkForce Software, discusses how traditional HR focuses like recruiting, benefits, diversity, and health and wellness, while still fundamental, are no longer sufficient to meet the evolving expectations of employees in 2024.  

There’s been a notable shift in employee demands, with a greater emphasis on what employers can offer beyond these traditional areas. Moran outlines that this change is particularly important in a business climate where attracting and retaining talent is crucial for a company’s growth and brand reputation. The article also notes how the pandemic has significantly increased HR’s influence in corporate decision-making, bringing issues like work future, retention, engagement, and labor optimization to the forefront.  

“By embracing shifts in flexibility, optimization, and analytics, HR leaders can help their companies adapt to the new reality of employee expectations and the new demands on business for improved execution. The workforce revolution is here — HR technology allows business leaders to catch up and keep employees satisfied while enabling businesses to thrive,” says Moran.

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