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With technological advancements, particularly in the AI space, an increasing number of tasks can be either fully or partially automated. Authority Magazine talks with People experts about how they are utilizing new technologies to make their jobs easier and provide greater strategic value. As a part of this series, they connected with Nicole Neumarker, Chief Operations Officer at WorkForce Software. An industry vet, Neumarker has more than 20 years of enterprise software experience setting strategic direction, leading people, and ensuring results across business, operations, technology, and finance functions. Prior to WorkForce Software, Nicole was the Executive Vice President of Development and Innovation at Cotiviti. Nicole holds a degree from Brigham Young University and is an active female leader in STEM programs. 

Neumarker said, “The challenge and excitement in our approach to automation stem from our software platform’s unique characteristic: configuration as code. This means that each of our clients benefits from a bespoke implementation of the same underlying software. Given the diversity of configurations, automating testing procedures is inherently complex, as each client’s setup presents a distinct set of use cases.” 

“Despite these challenges, we are leveraging more advanced testing frameworks to enhance our automation strategies. Our goal is to provide automated testing that can accommodate the specific needs of each client while addressing the most critical aspects of their configurations. This approach is not just about ensuring quality; it’s about increasing the speed of implementation, reducing costs for our customers, and ultimately delivering a higher-quality product.” 

“Our investment in automation, especially in testing configurations as code, represents a significant advancement in our ability to serve our clients more efficiently and effectively. By focusing on the critical 20% of use cases that deliver 80% of the value, we are setting a new standard for quality and reliability in our industry.” 

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