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Nicole Neumarker, Chief Technology Officer at WorkForce Software, shares her insights about the challenges companies face in effectively applying AI, particularly in HR functions. Despite the surge in generative AI (GenAI) like ChatGPT, many organizations continue to rely on outdated manual processes, spreadsheets, and legacy HR platforms.  

Neumarker highlights the need for businesses to upgrade their technology stacks to remain competitive in 2024, emphasizing the importance of capitalizing on data while meeting the needs of employees and customers. She recommends a substance-over-hype approach to GenAI, urging businesses to focus on managing information at scale, especially in HR, where GenAI can serve as a knowledge facilitator for employees.  

Additionally, Neumarker underscores the importance of addressing the needs of the deskless workforce, investing in fundamental HR technology, hiring the right people for specialized IT functions, and leveraging machine learning for impactful people data analytics in the year ahead. 

“Success in the year ahead is dependent on improvements in tech and talent. From the effective adoption of AI, GenAI, and ML to catering for deskless workers and finding the right employee for the right job, HR teams need to look to tech to help them derive value from their data to impact business results,” says Neumarker.  

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