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Employee engagement, especially among millennials and Gen Z, is at the lowest point it’s been in the last decade, according to a recent poll from Gallup. CNBC tapped Mike Morini, CEO at WorkForce Software, to discuss how digital HR tools can help counter disengagement and lead to better retention, loyalty, and productivity.

Morini says that technology can overcome the main contributors of this disengagement, help employees see and connect to opportunities at work to learn and grow, and enable communications that help the workforce feel heard and cared about at work. Some solutions to lagging engagement can be amplifying employees’ voices, supporting their career growth, and digitally transforming internal HR practices.

“Typically, companies spend less than 1% of their technology budget for their deskless workers,” Morini said. “If you’re not modernizing and providing employees with digital tools, so they can get visibility into HR resources, you’re losing talent. Companies now need to step up and make investments in that technology.”

Modern workforce management technology provides employees with the tools to continue learning and gives them the opportunity to be go-getters, he adds, and it paves the path for how they can move forward.

“You’ll see the right level of engagement when employees see your empathy towards their work-life balance and you’re showing them a path to career growth if they take these steps,” Morini said. “You’ll then have an informed, energized employee base.”

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