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Retail workers who have a positive employee experience are far more likely to engage a customer in a meaningful way and produce an equally positive customer experience. Nick Bailey, SVP – Asia-Pacific & Japan at WorkForce Software, shares five ways employers can engage their workers in RetailBiz. 

As consumers seek out personalised, omnichannel shopping experiences, retailers need employees that are engaged, trained, and ready to provide a great experience to customers—whether on the sales floor, online, or from a customer service center. So, what does an engaged employee look like, and how do you motivate them effectively? 

Beyond just making for pleasant customer and co-worker experiences, an engaged employee who feels valued by their company can also boost overall store performance by increasing productivity, attendance, and sales.  

According to recent Gallup research, higher employee engagement also results in: higher profitability, higher customer ratings, fewer safety incidents, less turnover, and less shrinkage.  

Bailey says that keeping lines of communication with employees open should be number one on employers’ lists. When employees are given the best information possible, they can do their best work. 

“It’s also important that the flow of communication is two-way, allowing store associates to clarify information and ask any questions they might have,” Bailey says. “The more they know about the company’s brand and products, the better equipped they are to sell and convey those brand ideals and information.” 

Providing ongoing and constructive feedback is also crucial to keeping employees engaged. Employees can’t exceed expectations without having firm expectations in place. 

“Annual performance reviews have been the feedback of choice for decades, but ongoing, on-the-job learning can make an even bigger impact,” Bailey says.  

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