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Employers must ensure they support their frontline employees, both practically and mentally, as the onus again falls on retail and transport workers to support new rules in the UK around mask-wearing. 

Steve Tonks, SVP EMEA at WorkForce Software, points out that rapidly changing compliance rules place an increased risk and responsibility on the shoulders of frontline employees.  

“It’s a business imperative to provide a psychologically and physically safe environment for all workers, whether they’re working behind a till or behind the wheel of a bus,” Tonks says. 

Employers need technology that helps them adapt to new regulations whilst keeping their finger on the pulse of the frontline employee experience. However, less than 1% of all enterprise software spending is allocated to deskless workers. 

Employers owe it to them to provide better technology to improve their working experience, like instant mobile surveys for workers to voice concerns to leadership as they arise. 

Tonks adds, “Those who don’t recognise this run the risk of high turnover as the job market heats up. This churn is something retailers can’t afford over the Christmas period.” 

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