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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer (CMCXO) at WorkForce Software joined SheCanCode’s “Spilling The T” Podcast to share why it’s important to set boundaries at work, how to stick to them, and why you don’t need to sacrifice your career in return.  

As we’ve all heard, ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘acting your wage’ have apparently ripped through workforces, with employees no longer saying ‘yes’ to the hustle culture. But is this necessarily a bad thing?  

With burnout on the rise and a greater focus on mental well-being – should we be setting more boundaries in the workplace? Moran shares her insights into how this can be beneficial in the long-term for some individuals. 

She says it is important to remember that taking on additional projects matters when it meets one of our personal goals and when we are invested in the outcome of the project. “When you say ‘yes’, you’re inviting something into your life that is going to take time away from something else that might be a greater priority – for yourself and honestly, for your company, as well.” 

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