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Is it time to reimagine workplace culture? Yes – and perhaps it’s overdue. With turnover rates at all-time highs and employees jumping from one greener grass to the next, HR leaders might need to reimagine a lot, including recruiting, retention, morale, perks, and benefits. 

HR Morning tapped WorkForce Software’s SVP of Human Resources, Leslie Tarnacki, to share her perspective on what today’s employees are looking for so that organizations can reboot their company culture. 

Most employees evolved with the pandemic – and what they considered a reward or perk in 2019 or earlier could be a punishment today. Ping-pong tables, free snacks, on-site happy hours – anything to keep employees engaged in the actual workplace were all the rage.  

As now many employees don’t even want to step foot on-site, Tarnacki says it’s time to reimagine company culture as something that’s empowering employees to be their best selves. 

 “That’s really what people want – ‘How can I continue to be a better person and an employee?’ This translates to perks around training and development, self-care initiatives, and mental health and wellness being front of mind in today’s environment,” she says. 

To reimagine workplace culture that’s motivated, gear rewards and perks to what employees crave today. Every workforce is different, so survey employees to find out what means the most to them now. 

Tarnacki suggests wellness and fitness reimbursement programs so employees can relieve stress with offerings such as exercise, yoga, and meditation; a prize catalog that offers unique bonuses, such as PTO, experiences, travel benefits, or a gift card of their choosing; and monthly or quarterly non-work team activities for fun and socialization. 

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