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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at WorkForce Software talks with SHRM and delves into the intricate balance between leveraging technology for personalized employee experiences and respecting privacy. She stresses the significance of aligning hyper-personalization with individual preferences to boost engagement and sense of belonging in the workplace.  

Moran points out the challenge of dealing with increased regulations, particularly for large global companies, and the need to ensure that personalized approaches comply with these regulations. She suggests that while technology can help address regulatory requirements, it’s crucial to ensure fair access to technology for all employees, strike a balance between flexibility and predictability, and protect data privacy. Moran emphasizes that employers can leverage modern technology to meet personalized employee needs while preserving business interests. 

Regulatory requirements also come into play and must be considered, Moran noted. “Technology can address these requirements, but many employers haven’t yet adopted it. While modern workforce management systems should be employed.” She also cautioned, “Essential in this process is ensuring equitable technology access for all, balancing flexibility with predictability, and safeguarding data privacy. By focusing on these areas, employers can leverage technology to ensure business interests are preserved while addressing the personalized needs of their employees.” 

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