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Is there a generational divide in the workplace these days? With five generations currently in the workplace, SHRM reached out to Leslie Tarnacki, Chief Human Resources Officer at WorkForce Software, for her insights into how companies can meet the needs of the highly diverse workplace.  

Tarnacki points out how companies must cater to all generations now that many applicants and employees don’t tolerate a lack of diversity in the workplace. She also notes that technology is the bridge needed to meet the unique needs of the many different generations in the workplace and shares tips on how to support all employees by integrating modern and consumer-grade technology that improves the employee experience for all workers.  

“Investing in what matters to each individual can be challenging but ultimately will show employees from every generation they are valued,” says Tarnacki. “It’s imperative to provide an experience that empowers all talent—regardless of their age, background or any other characteristic—in order to create a truly inclusive working experience.” 

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