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When the calendar turned to 2022, it’s like a switch flipped in the job market. After two years of Americans facing lockdowns, furloughs, business closures and having to choose between their job or kids’ e-learning, the New Year meant new opportunities. 

For the supply chain industry, the New Year also brought new jobs for a marketplace still plagued by the driver shortage and a plethora of other bottlenecks. The turning of the calendar signified the turning of a corner where the grimness of a pandemic brought to light the importance of frontline workers and supply chains overall.  

Enter the Year of The Great Reshuffling, where the job market opened up and folks transitioned into and within the logistics segment. Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing Officer at WorkForce Software shared her thoughts with Food Logistics. 

“Whether you want to call it The Great Resignation, The Great Reshuffling, The Great Contemplation or The Mass Exodus, employees are questioning why they’re at companies that don’t make them feel appreciated, connected or able to have greater control over their work/life balance,” Moran said. 

People reevaluated and found that better experiences and flexible schedules are the focus of the new value proposition they seek from their employers. Many are willing to move around in order to find a better company to call home, she adds. 

Moran continues, “‘The Great Contemplation’ more accurately describes what is happening. Employees are asking themselves, ‘is this the work I want to do,’ ‘is this where I want to live,’ ‘am I paid enough,’ ‘do I have a good work/life balance?’” 

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