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Retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges for employers at the moment. Whether it’s phrases such as the “Great Resignation” or “quiet quitting” being bandied about, it highlights a need to ensure that workers are engaged and happy to reduce the risk of losing them altogether.

One way to keep employees engaged is through ‘stay interviews’ – informal meetings with current employees to check in with them, ensure they’re happy and explore any pain points that may exist.

Leslie Tarnacki, SVP of Human Resources at WorkForce Software, told that stay interviews can be “extremely insightful” for the employer and also give the employee an added sense of value.

“At a time when employees aren’t short of choice, but are having concerns about a potential recession and job security, knowing that their current employer cares about their experience, work situation and professional ambitions, and that their employer is eager to address any challenges, makes all the difference,” Tarnacki says.

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