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HRReporter spoke with Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at WorkForce Software about why employee feedback is so important. Moran points out that employee feedback and recognition have emerged as critical components for enhancing workplace engagement and retention and she emphasizes the growing importance of feedback, particularly among younger, digitally native workers who seek purpose and connection in their professional lives.  

Amid ongoing labor shortages and employee disengagement, Moran discusses a revamped approach to employee recognition programs, stressing the need for employers to address feedback systematically and at scale. A significant challenge lies in communicating to the vast number of deskless workers. Moran highlights the role of technology in enabling real-time feedback collection and action and she underscores the necessity for communication mechanisms tailored to diverse work environments and compliance requirements, emphasizing the use of technology to facilitate seamless interactions between employees and employers.  

Moran stressed the importance for organizations to leverage technology-driven solutions to meet the evolving needs of their workforce, ensuring meaningful feedback and recognition programs that resonate with employees across diverse roles at an organization.  

“We see statistics [showing] the percentage of employees that are completely disengaged at work. If we know that feedback and recognition is so much a part of their value system, employers are going to have to address that in a way differently than what they did in the past in order to attract and retain employees.” However, 80 per cent of the global workforce are considered deskless, and 83 per cent of them “don’t even have a corporate email,” says Moran. “We have to use technology in order to enable the collection of information at the right time, and we have to enable managers to act on that information.” 

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