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Given the recent fall from eminence of several headline-generating bosses, could 2023 be the year people – including investors – finally become more careful not to be hoodwinked by technology entrepreneurs and even snub them altogether?

Mike Morini, CEO at WorkForce Software, speaks with Oliver Pickup and Worklife about the traits that leaders need to possess in 2023 to gain their employees’ trust and steer their companies to success through uncertain times.

Morini said that now more than ever, people are looking to trustworthy and transparent – rather than flashy and boundary-pushing – business leaders to help them through this period of uncertainty on both micro and macro levels.

“Leaders in 2023 should be admired for being clear, honest, and empathetic,” said Morini. He stated that most staff would accept clearly explained business-lead choices and if they felt engaged in the decision-making process. 

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