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Silicon Republic spoke with Nicole Neumarker, Chief Technology Officer at WorkForce Software, about technology trends that continue to impact the HR industry. She shares thoughts on topics such as challenges facing leaders today, the digital transformation, sustainability and security from an IT perspective, and tech trends that are changing the world.

Neumarker underlines how deskless workers are often overlooked when it comes to a company’s technology decisions. Therefore, it is important for HR tech leaders to innovate and expand their product suite to help customers support all workers.

“At WorkForce Software, our mission and my consistent focus is to develop and adapt our solutions in a way that helps businesses close the gap between deskless and office employees, and that helps them provide the often-overlooked deskless workers with technology that improves communication, productivity, and their employee experience overall,” Neumarker says.

She continues, “Smart employers are beginning to understand the importance of listening to what all the teams within their workforce really want – from desked to deskless employees – and the importance of investing in technology to automate and improve communication and scheduling flexibility.”

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