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Mike Morini, CEO of WorkForce Software connects with HCM Technology to discuss the current labor market and the ways in which he sees it affecting how employers use workplace technology. Morini mentions how workers of all ages and generations are aware of how modern workforce technology can make daily tasks easier, provides better scheduling flexibility and control, and helps team members stay connected with their managers and contribute to the success of the business. He also highlights how modern workplace technology is impacting the employee experience and company culture in a positive way and that NOW is the time to make an investment in these impactful technologies for the deskless workforce – the proven ROI on these technologies is high and measurable. 

“Even with economic uncertainty, companies should be investing in workforce management technologies because they have the highest return on investment — delivering measurable savings through labor optimization, reduction of manual errors, better control over over time, productivity improvements and reduction in employee attrition,” says Morini. 

“These cost savings can be funneled back into programs or operational objectives versus payroll leakage or unproductive spend. Leaders continue to invest through economic challenges to further their competitive advantage gap when competitors cut back.” 

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