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Compliance in Action

Untangling the Complexities Around Your Absence and Leave Policies

The first installment in our new webinar series, Compliance in Action focuses on Untangling the Complexities Around Your Absence and Leave Policies. This session will help you gain the knowledge and tools necessary to protect your employees’ rights to time off and leave when they need your support.  

Employers in the United States and Canada face many new and amended leave laws affecting their employees. Understanding the impact and then applying it to your organization can be daunting. How do you save money, gain control, and take over administering your regulatory leave?

Two industry veterans and workforce management compliance experts, WorkForce Software’s Paul Kramer, Director of Compliance, and Jason Patterson, VP of Global Solution Consulting, lead a discussion on streamlining all aspects of employee absence, leave, and accommodation policies while contending with rapidly changing regulations.

Ensure your employees’ well-being is protected and avoid the high costs associated with non-compliance.

Featured Speakers:
Paul Kramer

Paul Kramer

Director of Compliance | WorkForce Software

Paul Kramer, JD, is an experienced employment law attorney and has been the Director of Compliance at WorkForce Software for more than 10 years. As Director of Compliance, he researches and stays abreast of employment laws in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere in the world. Before joining WorkForce Software, Paul was in private practice specializing in representing employers in employment law issues for almost two decades and represented companies of all sizes in many industries.

Jason Patterson

Jason Patterson

VP Global Solution Consulting | WorkForce Software

Jason Patterson is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience at WorkForce Software. Jason helps employers with large, diverse worker teams simplify their work management practices while ensuring compliance with all rules, regulations, and laws. Before joining WorkForce Software, Jason worked at an enterprise software company where he assisted large and multinational employers with their risk management strategy and self-insurance. With his workforce management and risk management expertise, Jason is well-equipped to help organizations streamline their operations and achieve their goals.

Streamline Your Leave Management

Efficiently manage employee time-off when they need it while meeting compliance requirements.

Comply with Confidence

Stay up to date on ever-changing labor laws and emerging issues with Compliance Navigator

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