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Mid-Year Workplace Compliance Update: New Laws and Regulations Moving Forward

Staying up to date with workplace compliance requires consistent vigilance of everchanging employment laws and upcoming regulations. As your organization completes its mid-year compliance check, our Director of Compliance is here to walk you through the newly enacted and updated laws that U.S. and Canadian employers should be aware of moving forward.

The latest installation of our Compliance Navigator webinar series, Mid-Year Workplace Compliance Update: New Laws and Regulations Moving Forward is available now. Discussion topics include:

  • British Columbia Paid Personal Injury or Illness Leave and additional updates to Canadian laws 
  • Virginia overtime pay requirements and reasonable accommodations leave for employees with disabilities 
  • Oklahoma Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act 
  • Paid Sick Leave in New Mexico  
  • Pennsylvania Living Donor Protection Act Leave 
  • Nevada Paid Leave  
  • Massachusetts COVID-19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave 
  • COVID-19 updates  
  • And more  
Featured Speaker:
Paul Kramer

Paul Kramer

Director of Compliance | WorkForce Software

Paul Kramer, JD, is an experienced employment law attorney and has been the Director of Compliance at WorkForce Software for more than 10 years. As Director of Compliance, he researches and stays abreast of employment laws in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere in the world. Before joining WorkForce Software, Paul was in private practice specializing in representing employers in employment law issues for almost two decades and represented companies of all sizes in many industries. 

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