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Webinar Series

Why Workforce Readiness is Vital to Manage Disruption

The disruption of 2020 has revealed lots of opportunities to rethink how business happens. Now is the time to reassess internal strategies and execution tactics across your enterprise workforce. Just as you adjust business strategy to meet new outside conditions, so too should you adjust your digital resource strategy tools to keep up—in fact it means you need them now more than ever.

As many organizations are thinking about how to get everyone back to work to get things moving again, the top 20% of performers in Aberdeen’s data are rethinking their entire response to external change. For these organizations, resilience isn’t enough because it focuses on the quickest way of getting back to the old way of doing business, leaving them just as vulnerable to external factors as they were at the beginning of the year. For these firms, adaptability is a winning strategy and to get there, more than 70% are raising their interest, intent, and investment stake in digital transformation.

Digital transformation is split between talent teams and the rest of HR, which is engaged heavily in workforce planning and modeling responses to an array of potential external factors. As strategic workforce planning takes on a new meaning in the age of adaptability, having the right tools to nimbly carry out business objectives as close to when they’re issued is the difference between resilience and readiness. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the value of workforce modeling, predictive analytics, adaptable labor resource deployment strategies, prioritized task alignment in workforce management, and the tools that support all four.

Featured Speakers:
Zachary Chertok

Zachary Chertok

Research Analyst: Human Capital Management | Aberdeen

Zachary Chertok manages Aberdeen HCM covering a wide range of data analysis from HR technology buyer behavior to trends in the general nature of the workforce. As an 11-year veteran of the HCM sector, Zach has worked on almost every side of the sector including on the analyst, developer, investor, vendor, and industry practitioner sides. The combination of these perspectives helps guide his research strategy as he works within Aberdeen’s research model that looks at the end-to-end user experience inclusive of the vendor relationship. Zach holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from McGill University and a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University in the City of New York where he also teaches as part of the human capital management program in the school of professional studies. 
Joe Ross

Joe Ross

VP, Global Product Management | WorkForce Software

Joe Ross is a proven product management executive who has been leading product teams in the delivery of innovative and commercially successful technology products and services for the past twenty-five years including ten at McKesson Corporation. In the most recent stop of his career journey, Joe is fostering a culture of innovation at WorkForce Software while developing their Product Management Team and practices to support a fast-growing and global enterprise SaaS business. Joe lives in Michigan with his wife (Jeanette) and three daughters (Addison, Lily and Grace).
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