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The Current State of North America Workforce Compliance

Throughout 2022, employers in the United States and Canada faced many new and amended leave laws affecting their employees. While the past few years have seen many changes to compliance laws and regulations, this year focused on employees’ calls for more time off. Among the new and amended laws granted by state and provincial lawmakers, those impacting employee time off for family and medical reasons, including bereavement, proved especially noteworthy.

Changes to compliance laws and regulations show little sign of slowing down. As U.S. and Canadian employers look to 2023, the best way to protect themselves, their employees, and their brands is to ensure they are caught up on the latest in workplace compliance.

The Current State of North America Workforce Compliance

This report provides a high-level overview of the workplace compliance laws and regulations that impacted U.S. and Canadian employers in 2022 while sharing insights on how to best prepare for the year ahead.

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In this report, WorkForce Software’s Director of Compliance, Paul Kramer, guides U.S. and Canadian employers through the most notable topics affecting compliance legislation, including:

  • Employee Burnout
  • COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave
  • Compliance Best Practices
  • Workplace Rights
  • FMLA & FLSA Audits
  • Paid Family & Medical Leave

When it comes to workplace compliance, change is the only constant. An organization’s compliance concerns extend beyond regulatory compliance to include union and collective bargaining agreements; industry standards; corporate policies; health and safety rules; and security concerns. Employers must stay diligent and focus on the legal developments in the states and provinces where they operate. Ensuring your organization is up-to-date on ever-changing labor laws, emerging issues, and new guidance does more than protect from the risk of costly litigation.

A successful compliance check is vital in building a strong company culture and positive employee experiences. Download The Current State of North America Workplace Compliance – 2023 Report.

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