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Workforce Management Automation: Enhancing Teams (Without Replacing Them)

Feb 7, 2023

Key Takeaways from the UK 2022 Autumn Statement

Workers being asked to “do more work with less resources” is not a unique scenario.  Although it may seem to be a symptom of volatile economic times, operating with limited resources and an ever-increasing scope of work is a natural outcome as our people, processes, and technology work together to perform their roles better and better.

In Brandon Hall Group’s (BHG) new report, Workforce Management – A Constant Need in a Constantly Changing World, researchers state that one of the ways businesses have reacted to these forces in workforce management has been smart automation. While older automation systems sought only to replace human effort, effective and modern workforce management solutions optimize human work and provide insights into where employees can focus their work that automation can’t address.

Outdated and obsolete functions in organizations not only keep processes inefficient, but they also slow down workers from excelling at their primary tasks. Manual scheduling, third party communication methods, and in-person only time off requests are just some examples of tasks where automation can do wonders. Often, a positive employee experience is one of the first things to suffer under these conditions, as time that would otherwise be spent on workers’ primary goals are instead frittered away navigating disorganized structures.

BHG’s research has shown that organizations can address both process efficiency and worker performance by automating time-consuming tasks to making better use of employee time by implementing modern workforce management solutions. Companies that can personalize employee experience in a way that makes employees feel like contributing, valued members of the organization are more likely to see rises in metrics such as customer retention, customer satisfaction, and even market share. By enhancing these teams with supportive automation of more mundane tasks, workers are free to not only focus on their core tasks, but specifically the tasks only humans can perform in ways that can’t be replicated by machines – now or ever.

The ability for employees to have a sense of meaningful work and more self-direction makes them feel part of something greater through social and collaborative projects. However, what allows them the time to engage in those types of projects is the workforce management automation happening in the background, making the most out of even the most limited of resources.

WorkForce Software is a pioneer in our industry as the only global provider of modern workforce management software with integrated employee communications. We’ve made an investment in smart communications that is designed to leverage data, advanced analytics, and automation in real time to create personalized experiences in the flow of work and support your ability to adapt and communicate quickly—with the ease of use of a favorite personal app.

Read the full BHG Report: Workforce Management – A Constant Need in a Constantly Changing World

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