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If asked who tech leaders would want to have on their teams, many might say, “The most highly skilled, knowledgeable tech pros out there.” While it’s true that a thorough understanding of cutting-edge technology and industry evolution are outstanding traits, it’s not the only—or maybe even the most important—ingredient of a high-performing tech team.  

Even if a tech team is filled with superstar talent, that doesn’t mean it will function well as a unit. Mike Morini, CEO at WorkForce Software and a member of the Forbes Technology Council, shares a few “essential ingredients” of a high-performing tech team and why they’re so important. 

Morini says that individual initiative is a key element of a high-performing tech team. He believes that each team member – not just the superstars – take initiative in their roles.   

“Starting at the junior level, be the “CEO” of your role, and work/manage as if you own that part of the business. This will help position you for upward momentum and increase the overall performance of the entire team and company,” Morini says.  

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