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Employers with large deskless workforces need to do more to engage staff and meet employee expectations in the post-pandemic world.  

Appliance Retailer cites WorkForce Software’s recent Workforce Experience Gap Study, which compared the employee experience that employers believed they were providing during the pandemic with the experience that employees actually had. 

In Australia and New Zealand specifically, 85% of employers believed they provided flexibility in scheduling, while only 65% of employees agreed. Meanwhile, 90% of employers believed they helped employees deal with personal circumstances that affected their work, but only 61% of employees agreed.  

As WorkForce Software CEO Mike Morini explained, engaging retail employees is crucial to maintaining a positive employee experience and reducing churn. 

“You can’t sit on the sidelines and not engage fully with technology, you must engage and invest in modern technology that connects and elevates your workforce,” he told Appliance Retailer.  

As such, WorkForce Software offers capabilities that allow team members to engage with their employer and colleagues directly from a mobile device—from surveys that gauge instant sentiment and provide feedback to micro-training to improve skills on the fly to storing documents for anytime reference. 

Read the complete article at Appliance Retailer. 

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