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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer (CMCXO) at WorkForce Software, shares with HR Director the importance of today’s deskless workers, reminding readers of the important roles these workers have in today’s post pandemic world and how they are they are the future of work and essential to business success in 2023.

Moran provides her expertise and insights, sharing 5 challenges that today’s deskless workforce face, and more importantly, how modern workforce management (WFM) technology can solve these challenges.

“One of the main challenges for organizations with deskless employees is managing their time and attendance. 56% of employees say they must deal with inefficient time and attendance management systems,” Moran says.

From the must-have smarter scheduling capabilities which today’s employees demand, to enabling this workforce with the ability, and autonomy, to connect to each other and their managers while at work so they feel like a valued team member, to offering real-time training and improving operation efficiency. Moran addresses the need for businesses to digitally transform and modernize their WFM systems.

She adds, “We must evolve beyond onerous manual steps and system workarounds that create payroll issues, and ultimately prevent workforce optimization.”

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