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With COVID impacting the way businesses interact with their employees, it’s important to integrate processes that add value to operations and improve the overall employee experience. WorkForce Software’s SVP of APJ, Nick Bailey, appeared on Ticker News in Australia to discuss how investment in modern workforce management technology can help.

As the pandemic has continued, the importance of providing a positive employee experience for deskless workers became apparent. Bailey explains that modern workforce management software enables an increased level of communication and fosters more connection among these employees, who are often at the forefront of a business’ operations

“It’s been an amazing period of accelerated innovation. Who would’ve thought that it took a pandemic to drive this sort of change across the workforce?” Bailey says. “We’ve really focused on providing a truly connected experience for the deskless worker.”

Despite deskless workers being away from an office environment, they expect a seamless experience when they are at work.  

“When you look at consumer grade technology impacting the workforce, this is just a culmination of a few years of trends,” Bailey says. “We all know that you tend to wake up in the morning and the first thing you grab is maybe a smartphone.”

Additionally, it’s important that employers are aligned with their employees when it comes to their work experience. WorkForce Software’s study found that while 90% of employers would say they deliver a great experience, only 60% of employees agree that their expectations are met.    

Companies should ensure that their departments are integrated, with HR and IT working together to bring forth a strong employee experience. 

“That’s the sort of innovation that we are really leading at WorkForce Software,” Bailey says. “It is providing that the organization, HR, and compliance be maintained in a very seamless way. Our goal is to make work easy.”

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