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Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at WorkForce Software, discusses with BenefitsPRO about the impact that occurs when employers invest in the tools, training, and technology necessary to ensure compliance with labor laws, they lay the foundation for a more stable organization. 

Workers want to be heard, and their voices have grown louder over the past several years. Although stabilizing in 2023 following the record 50.5 million Americans who quit their jobs in 2022, the “Great Resignation” fueled desires for greater flexibility and fulfillment at work and high confidence about the ability to find new employment. It also created urgency for employers to act on employee demands. 

Read on to hear more about strategies for fostering a stable unionized workforce and the importance of understanding employee needs. We’ll shed light on the impact of unionization on company culture and operational dynamics, along with the role of technology in streamlining compliance and record-keeping processes. Moran also highlights the importance of open communication and fair labor practices to build trust and a collaborative relationship between employees, management, and unions. 

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