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For years, business leaders have introduced all manner of workplace perks to attract new talent and nurture a positive working environment. Although these fun benefits are well-intentioned, they’re often low on the list of what employees really want. 

Marc Gingras, SVP of Employee Experience Strategy at WorkForce Software, explains that employers must give employees what they truly want in order to impact their bottom line.   

Extensive training, flexible scheduling, on-the-job recognition, technological support: these are all hallmarks of a genuinely great employee experience (EX). However, creating a great EX is a hugely neglected practice.  

Studies show gaps of as much as 44% between the level of rewarding policies and practices that employers claim to implement—and the real-life experiences that their employees report. Company goals are easier to achieve when employees are supported in a collaborative, tech-enabled working environment. 

“By creating dynamic experiences, powered by communications delivered when and where people work, you enable your workforce to align their personal goals with your company’s objectives,” Gingras says. 

Read on to learn about investments in technology that employers can introduce to create an outstanding EX—and enjoy transformative business benefits. 

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