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As more companies announce layoffs before the holidays, employees who remain may still have their jobs but may also carry the stress of more responsibilities, a degraded company culture, and fear of what might happen next. Sandra Moran, chief marketing and innovation officer at WorkForce Software, talks with SHRM about why it’s important to focus on front-line managers after such a disruptive period, why companies should support peer-to-peer communications to help navigate this challenging time, and how these communications can create camaraderie across teams, improve their experience and aid in retention.

Moran talks with SHRM about how it’s important for leaders to first focus on remaining midlevel and front-line managers in the wake of layoffs, giving them support and attention. “Providing an outlet to find solutions for the challenges of leading through change can make a big difference to managers who need practical advice on how to handle reallocation of work, supporting their teams and responding to concerns without feeling like they must have all the answers on their own,” Moran said.

“This creates camaraderie across teams, makes people more inclined to pitch in when the company really needs it and fosters friendships within the company. Strengthening workplace relationships can often make or break employee retention.”

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