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Employment Law Innovations: Key Changes Confronting North American Employers in 2019 and Beyond

Presented by: Paul Kramer, Director, Director of Compliance, WorkForce Software

Employment laws constantly change for employers in North America and keeping up with the latest changes can seem like an overwhelming challenge. Failing to stay current with new and amended employment laws can lower employee morale, tarnish the employer’s brand through negative publicity, and result in substantial liability if you fail to comply.  With this in mind, WorkForce Software’s Director of Compliance, Paul Kramer, will explain and steer you through numerous legal changes that recently took effect or will soon take effect for employers in the United States and Canada and describe best practices you can follow to remain compliant in your relationship with your employees. The types of changes he will discuss include:

  • New and amended paid family and medical leaves
  • The continued expansion of mandated sick leave laws
  • The rise of predictive scheduling laws
  • Sweeping developments in Canada
  • Overtime and other payroll issues
  • And much more

As an employer, do these issues cause you concern? Are you ready for the shifting and sliding workplace landscape brought about by new legislation? Do you have lingering doubts or questions about any new obligations or best practices you may now have to follow to stay compliant?

Learn about the vast changes occurring in employment laws in the United States and Canada and receive answers to practical questions you need answered to stay compliant, to avoid costly employee disputes, and to maintain a motivated and engaged workforce. Remember, if you want to be an innovative organization, legal compliance is the first step.


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