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Nucleus Research Reports on Exciting WorkForce Software Updates Shared at VISION 2022 Conference


As our customers know, it is not enough to merely create a single great product and expect customers to be forever satisfied. “Time makes fools of us all”, goes the old saying, and the greatest tool ever this year can be obsolete the next. A great solution must be kept up to date with new functionalities based on customer needs.

WorkForce Software is no different! At the recent VISION 2022 conference, we made several announcements related to upcoming updates and new functionalities to our suite of products. Nucleus Research prepared a detailed research note of what to expect. Here’s a brief synopsis and what we have in store for our customers:

Nucleus VISION Reports on Exciting New WorkForce Software Updates

Learn about new updates to our WorkForce Suite of products, including: operating on the Oracle Cloud, Task Management, Smart Communication, and Next-Gen Scheduling.

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  • Moving to the Oracle Cloud – Customers are in the process of migrating to the WorkForce Suite powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, delivering new capabilities, improved security, and further stepping toward becoming a complete SaaS-delivered solution.
  • Task Management – Announcing WorkForce Tasks, a unique experience integrating WorkForce’s smart communication functionality, allowing managers to create and prioritize tasks to their teams.
  • Smart Communication – An intuitive capability for better organizational engagement, smart communications is an new method enabling two-way communication between managers and teams.
  • Next-Gen Scheduling – Now managers and employees can better communicate with each other on schedules, while leveraging analytics to create optimized schedules, putting the right teams on the right jobs at the right time.

This Nucleus Research Note also includes testimonies from WorkForce Software partners who were present at VISION 2022, discussing the benefits of their WorkForce Software deployments.

WorkForce Software has continued its momentum in improving the platform’s usability and functionality. We always aim to evolve alongside our partners and customers, and to remain their No. 1 problem solvers when it comes to managing their teams.

Please check out the full report from Nucleus Research for more details and follow us on LinkedIn to see what we have in store next!

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