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Get Your Workforce Back Safely with Pre-Shift Health Screenings

Jul 1, 2020

Joe Ross

Joe Ross

VP, Global Product Management

I want to share an exciting innovation WorkForce Software Labs has developed to help get the world back to work safely: pre-shift health screenings. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we all work, and safety standards and guidelines are constantly evolving. We are hearing that our customers are struggling to implement necessary health screenings before their employees can safely return to the workplace.

Many of our customers’ companies are setting up tents in their parking lots with teams of masked employees carrying clipboards to conduct health surveys via paper and pencil, introducing more manual paperwork for HR departments to process. In response, our team at WorkForce Software developed an online, mobile pre-shift health screening questionnaire that automates the process. How does it work?

Imagine an employee at home sitting on their couch. Four hours before their shift start time, they receive a notification on their personal mobile phone requesting a pre-shift health screen. The survey—based on CDC guidelines and company policy—asks questions, captures responses, and immediately informs the employee if they are cleared for work or if they need to take steps like self-quarantine.

Better yet, watch this short video to see the pre-shift health screening in action.

6 Essential Workforce Management Strategies for a Safe and Productive Return to Work

6 Essential Workforce Management Strategies for a Safe and Productive Return to Work

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